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About Disking IT Support & web Services

Bespoke IT Solutions for all size businesses, schools & councils. We offer a wide range of services, supporting over 40000 customers for over 40 years.
We can provide everything your business needs with our 5 star rated services.

Welcome to Disking Business Support & Web Services

One-Stop IT Specialists for all types of businesses & Education Sectors.

Always One Setup Ahead

The industry leaders of tomorrow are already using technology to gain and maintain a competitive advantage over their peers. They’re rethinking business processes to become more agile, innovative, and user-oriented.

We guarantee to provide only the latest solutions to ensure your business is future proof with its IT. This ensures you have the most cost effective services & equipment provided.

We stop at nothing

Technology is increasing so fast because each technological innovation makes many more possibilities.

No matter what your current situation is, whether its outdated hardware or unrecoverable services, we promise to get you back on your feet in no time.

Disking Business Support is your one stop IT go to for all your technical conundrums.

We Take It Step-By-Step

Change is the only constant in business, as it is said to be in life. Currently, many businesses around the world are in the process of digital transformation.

We will take each hurdle as it comes and ensure you are with us throughout every step. This gives you a full understanding of what is going on so that you feel comfortable with us.

We Keep It Simple

There’s no need to go alone. Finding a trusted IT partner to help you is the best way to make a success of implementing new technology.

At Disking, we take a fresh approach to help our customers get their new IT up and running to make a success of their new digital workplace going forward.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication


With over 40 years of dedication to local consumers & businesses, we take pride in our efforts to ensure every customer is happy.

The Disking Support vision is an environment where every company can embrace their own technology in an effective & efficient manner.

The success to any business is to improve staff productivity by supplying the best technical advice, thus ultimately increasing business performance and company profitability.

Please take the time to view our customer testimonials as we prefer you to hear our successes from our clients.

Why choose Disking Support?

We believe in providing leading business solutions.

The Service

At Disking I.T Support we take great pride in helping our clients with their technical enquiries. It’s important to us to always make that extra effort to help you achieve your goals. Check out our customer testimonials.

It's About You

Your dedicated Support Engineer and Account Manager take the time to fully understand your business, its future goals and challenge. We review the best IT options for you, your company and staff.

Fast Support

Each time our Support Desk receives a phone call, email or service ticket, we’ll handle it quickly and efficiently as if we were your internal IT department right by your side. Contact us.

Your Protection

We deliver trusted and  recommended Eset cyber security services and solutions which provide our clients with outstanding security and complete peace of mind.

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