Cloud & Networking Solutions for all businesses

Cloud Based Networking solutions

Whether you are looking to setup a new network or manage an existing one, we provide all the cloud & infrastructure services your business requires including onsite, remote & online management, monitoring & maintenance.

Cloud & Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Hosting & Management Services,
Made Easy.

State of the Art Technology

Software Defined Networking

TP-Link Omada’s Software Defined Networking (SDN) platform integrates network devices, including access points, switches & gateways, providing 100% centralized cloud management. Omada creates a highly scalable network—all controlled from a single interface. Seamless wireless and wired connections are provided, ideal for use in hospitality, education, retail, offices, and more.

Say goodbye to inhouse technicians

Remote Management & Deployment

With TP-Link Omada Cloud Controller, remotely deploy new devices, by just plugging it in. Omada can detect and provision new Access Points, Switches & other Omada Devices automatically with no manual input. Automated networking provisioning is all done in a matter of seconds.

Stay Secure, 24/7

Always one step ahead

Automated updates & security patches mean your network stays secure 24/7. Omada can transfer devices to another local AP while it updates to ensure no network connectivity is lost, keeping you online always.

Physical Network Installations

Physical network installations including network cabling, trunking, routing & cabinet work.

WiFi Networking & Management

WiFi network installations for all enviroments, indoor & outdoor. Remote management to ensure you're online 24/7.

Remote Monitoring, Deployment & Management

Network monitoring, remotely deployment & management services.

Remote Security Services & Monitoring

Physical & Software level security solutions to ensure your devices are one step ahead on security & network safety.

Remote Deployment & Management

From a click of a button, we can deploy new devices with no physical work needed, saving callout fee's & time wasted onsite.

Reliable & Efficient Networking

TP-link's Guaranteed 99.99% SLA means you can have peace at mind with your network.

High-Density Ready

Supporting up to 99 clients per Access Point, TP-Link Omada AP's come equipped for any size network for any enviroment.

Designed for any enviroment

Wether its indoor, outdoor, waterproof or ceiling mounted, TP-link offer every type of casing for their AP's.

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