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Match your email address to your domain

Keep the CONNECTION between your website and email with a PROFESSIONAL email address

Stranger danger is a real thing, especially when approaching new clients online. You don’t want your customers ignoring your emails, and they don’t want potential spam landing in their inbox. Always match your email address to your domain name to present yourself as a professional, stand out among the competition, and help customers decide that you’re the right business to work with.
Save your personal email address (and your star-wars shirt) for the weekend.

Email services for small businesses - IMAP and Exchange

Custom email hosting you can rely on

If you’re looking for secure and ad-free email that won’t let you down, we’ve got you covered. Our email works with all mail clients, including those from Microsoft, Google, Apple and Mozilla.

Our email can include webmail, so you can view your messages anywhere, at any time. It uses IMAP, so you can synchronise your mailboxes across desktop, tablet and mobile.

We understand how important email is to business, so all our email is hosted away from our web hosting on rock-solid servers in our central UK data centres. All email is encrypted in transit using TLS for security and privacy. Conatct us.

First impressions matter. Whether your online business is a major concern or a home-based sideline, it’s important to look professional. So, you should have an email address that matches the domain of your website. It helps to make you appear established and credible.

You can set up email forwarding and autoresponders, so that you can reply when you’re not around. Everything can be managed quickly and easily from our modern control panel.


Fully configurable email filters

These filters are controlled easily via the webmail control panel. So certain senders, domains and TLDs can be allow-listed to bypass the content filter entirely. The same goes with deny lists: you can create your own from our control panel.

You can set these filtering rules by domain, or by individual account – so you have full control.

Whenever we reject a message for a known virus or network deny listing, the message is returned to the sender. The sender knows what’s happening, so they can try different ways to contact you or check their security. Contact us.

Email deliverability

Being certain that an email will arrive at its destination is essential, especially in business. So we work hard to keep our excellent reputation with email service providers – like Microsoft, Google, AOL and BT.

We also improve deliverability using the Domain Name System (DNS). They work to protect you and your email contacts against spam, impersonation, phishing and spoofing.

We understand emails, contact us today for email hosting and support.

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Built in anti malware, virus & spam blocking, all included with no hidden fees.



Encrypted email hosting from sending to receiving. Make sure your emails are secure online with our trusted hosting platform.

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Webmail & IMAP Access

Access your emails anywhere in the world with our online webmail portal or add them into your email client via IMAP at no extra cost.

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Up to 100GB

Expand your mailbox up to 100GB for only £9.99/10GB. Find it cheaper elsewhere and we will beat it!

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No limitation to the number of mailboxes you have under one domain, all with 10GB mailboxes included.

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Let us look after you with our 5-star rated IT support from our dedicated support team. We are here to look after you and your infrastructure & services.

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